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Return of the Natives Restoration Education Project is entirely funded by donations and private or governmental grants and/or contracts. We welcome new partners and especially donations. Donations to Return of the Natives can be made to the Foundation of CSU Monterey Bay. Please contact or 831-582-3689 for more information.

Supporters, Funders and Partners of Return of the Natives Restoration Education Project

Individual Donors to RON

  • Joanne Nissen, Soledad, CA 
  • Laura Lee Lienk Carmel Valley, CA
  • Linda and Charlie Kamrath, Salinas, CA
  • Katherine Stubbendick, Seaside, CA
  • Joni Janecki, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Bonnie Hay, Philadelphia, Pa
  • Katherine Micalizio, Salinas, CA
  • Dan Shapiro, Pacific Grove, CA
  • Paola Berthoin, Carmel Valley, CA
  • Elkhorn Slough Native Plant Nursery, Moss Landing, CA 
  • Dana Mills Helman, Salinas, CA
  • Karen Mitchell, Salinas, CA
  • Donna Dormondy, Carmel Valley, CA
  • Maureen and Ken Reightler, Annapolis, MD
  • Sue Polnaszek, Marina, CA
  • Dan and Bonnie Fernandez, Marina, CA
  • Judy Karas, Monterey, CA 
  • Lynn Hamilton and Pat McNeill, Salinas, CA
  • Peter Moras, Sonoma, CA
  • Kathryn Hannay, Moss Landing, CA
  • Debbie Delatour, Pacific Grove, CA
  • Anne Lyness, Chalfont Valley, CA
  • Suzanne Worcester, Marina, CA
  • Ed Piper, Sonora, CA
  • Bill Head, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Patricia Howe, Watsonville, CA

Corporate Sponsors

  • REI Marina
  • Hula's Island Grill
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasting Company
  • Target