Plant Information

California Native Plant Resources   This is intended to be a useful starting point for anyone in the Monterey Bay area interested in learning about, growing, or purchasing Calinfornia native plants. Compiled by the Seaside Green Team,

Native Plant Signs & Instructions
Click here to download plant signs or click here for instructions on ordering plant signs from the Return of the Natives.

CSUMB Watershed Institute Page
Use this link to learn more about what a watershed is. This also provides more information about what the Return of the Natives project is all about.

BLM California Noxious Weed Page
This page provides links to additional information about the spread of invasive weeds and what we can do to stop them.

Features a database search for native and non-native plants in California.

USDA Plant Search Database
Another excellent search engine for finding information about plants.

CDFA Encycloweedia
A public information weed site designed by CDFA and UC Davis.

Elkhorn Slough Homepage
Visit the elkhorn slough and find out more about the unique plants and animals that live there.

California Native Plant Society Homepage
This is an excellent resource for finding more information and links about native plant identification, weed identification, and the importance of preserving native plants.

Monterey Bay Chapter of California Native Plant Society
Find out what the local chapter of CNPS is doing.

California Invasive Pest Plant Council
For the most up to date news on California's invasives.